Self-Organised Construction

Research Agenda

Social insects build nests in a self-organised manner. Large numbers of individuals contribute to the construction not by following a predefined plan but by sensing and reacting to stimuli in their local environment. Recently, with the wake of robotic swarms, self-organised construction is quickly gaining significance in the context of various design and construction processes. Future development of self-organised construction may also make use of novel material processing approaches (e.g., 3D printing techniques). Self-organised construction will play an important role in the design and realisation of any structure, building, or infrastructure up to the scale of entire cities. Yet, in order to harness its potential, theoretical concepts need to be developed and a range of application challenges need to be solved.


Early 2018, we edited a special issue on self-organised construction in the SWARM INTELLIGENCE journal.

In 2016, we organised the "1st International Workshop on Self-Organising Construction" as part of the IEEE International Conferences on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organising systems (SASO) and on Cloud and Autonomic Computing (ICCAC). You can find more information about this workshop, including a detailed list of contributions at

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